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The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas

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The LAG's history

The Local Action Group of the Alta Marca Trevigiana was established as a partnership on 19th February 2008. This was the culmination of an intensive activity of awareness and promotion of the area ongoing since March 2007. All the most representative partners, public and private, were involved in highlighting the rural development issues of the area. On the basis of the project ideas and the vivid interest in the group, the Local Development Programme "LDP" was created, and its candidature was submitted to the Veneto Region according to the official selection procedure of LAGs, which was approved with DGR of the Veneto n. 199/2008 on 26th August 2008.

The LDP is the scheduling tool – it will allow the planning and the following creation of an integrated strategy of long-term local development. This will be based on innovative approach and the interaction between operators and projects belonging to different sectors of the local economy. It will include cooperation projects with other LAGs and other Italian and European areas. The first step towards creating the LDP was an exchange of information and making comparisons with any interested parties and any stakeholders in the area. The first stage in writing the LDP was deciding the guide lines on which the LDP is based. These guidelines were presented to the public the three times, during the months of June and July 2008. They also were the subject of a very open dialogue and confrontation with the members of LAG. Two themes were identified: The "Green Table", whose members are representatives of primary sector, and the "Tourism Table", whose members are interested in, and focusing on tourist development themes.

Who manages LAG

L'assemblea dei soci del 26 gennaio 2016 ha nominato i seguenti Amministratori:

Management and coordination Dr. MICHELE GENOVESE

Secretary’s office Mrs. MARTA BIFFIS

Main Office

Villa Brandolini
Via Roma, 4
Pieve di Soligo (TV)
T. +39.0438.82084
F. +39.0438.1890241


The office is open from Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 12.30 a.m.

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Iniziativa finanziata dal PSR VENETO 2014 - 2020
Organismo responsabile dell’informazione: GAL Alta Marca Trevigiana
Autorità di gestione: Regione del Veneto – Direzione AdG FEASR e Foreste

LAG Alta Marca - Villa Brandolini, Solighetto, via Roma 4, Pieve di Soligo (TV), Italy - T.+39.0438.82084 F.+39.0438.1890241 - Vat N. 04212070264